Error free Validations : Ensure error free analysis & reporting and also have the ability to create certified workflows in the system.

Error free Workflows : Pre-defined workflow leaves very little room for errors, since the system drives the tests as per pre-defined quality work instructions.

Easy review and approval workflow : All observations are captured electronically for future review and audit.

Automated Reporting : This provides significant savings in lab processes, administrative time, & paperwork.

Sample Validity : System can ensure that no out of scope/out of spec samples are put through lab and hence inaccurate results are not reported.

Knowledge Retention : Since the system guides the user through automated procedures, fast growth or loss of key staff does not impend the work of the lab.

Records Protection : No Loss of Documentation and Reports. Instant availability from any location.

Ease of Access : Lab Staff, Management, Consultants and even clients (Limited to see their reports history)

Instrument Calibration & Certification Management : 
Entire instrument management can be done 
Instrument maintenance and calibration schedules can be tracked and would alarm with alerts 

Test Certificates : Templates to ensure faster and easier reporting 
Automatic generation of test certificates with Digital Signatures based on each unique approver 

Consultant's Review Workflow : Ability to manage customer data by consultants/experts. Providing early notifications for samples that are under testing in lab. Consultants can review & take corrective actions in the system before the results are approved and reported to customers. 

Management of Training & Trainee Staff : Integrate training profiles to ensure staff competence. 
(Possible when if integrated with Training Module of HRMS ) 

Barcode/RFID Integration ** : RFID Integration can be done for high value consumables for tracking and monitoring of usage & any unauthorised access with instant alerts to security personnel 

** : Can be provided if Inventory/Stock Management module is integrated with the system