• Studies show that, 3% is the minimum error predicted due to manual transcriptions. With tqmlab in place, human errors can be totally eradicated thus reducing the risks for 'what if' scenarios and avoiding situations like product recalls.
  • Compliance like ISO 17025, is much easily obtainable.
  • With the system driving the process, dependence on labour can be reduced and thus decreasing labour expenses.
  • With automation, increased sample loads can be easily handled.
  • Save more by eliminating most of the admin activities, reducing writing reports or doing repetitive activities and allowing scientists to do more science.
  • Reduce cost of printers, copiers, toners, file storages and shelf space, the labour work to collate, file and retrieve paper, & most importantly the risk of losing files.
  • Being a Web based application- it greatly reduces transportation costs by handling all labs, at multiple locations, from a single point.
  • Upto 60% of Time & Money spent for audits
  • Upto 80% of transportation cost, moving across multiple labs located at different places
  • Upto 100% of time saved in terms of calculations and typing reports for scientists